How To Take The Best Picture At Pisa

You can take the typical picture of holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa…. Or you can get creative…. Or get funny/inappropriate, which is always the best in my opinion… And then you can have a man join the fun…  If you use any of my


A Bittersweet Goodbye To Switzerland

I went over my last blog piece of leaving Switzerland and realized I wrote out of anger. I want to speak my mind freely and I did, but I don’t want to hurt people. I obviously can’t take back what I said but I apologize

My friend took me on his motorcycle around town.

There Are Two Sides To Every Story

{Disclaimer} I had this as my original post about my experience in Switzerland, I caused a little uproar in the town I was staying with some people. I wasn’t sure whether to keep this or not but I did realize generalizing that all the Swiss are douchebags


2 Months Abroad Update!

  It has been quite a ride already and I can’t believe its been 2, almost coming to 3 months that I’ve been here. For those of you who don’t know, I decided to buy a one way ticket to Switzerland and travel the world.


Favorite Things To Do in Las Vegas

To say that there are many things to do in Las Vegas would be an understatement. The restaurants are fantastic, and the sites are absolutely fantastic. As an individual who delights to travel, here are some of my favorite things to do in the city.

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10 Tips To Adjust In A New Country

1) Be open/flexible You gotta roll with the punches. You are not in your home country anymore, things will not be how you do them so be open to their way of doing things. 2) Don’t do everything at once  I try not to do


My Home Away From Home

I was here in Switzerland in 2008 when I was backpacking through Europe and fell in love with Interlaken. I fell in love with waking up to the sight of the Swiss Alps every morning and meeting lovely people all the time. I became really

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How I Became An Italian Citizen

The journey is over and yet it is just beginning. The process of becoming an Italian citizen is finally done. Its been a grueling, frustrating, hair pulling experience to say the least. I am assuming your experience will depend on the consulate you are dealing

Overlooking San Jose

San Jose In Pictures

              San Jose was a blast, it was really good to see my brother for his birthday. I love you so much Andrew. And our mutual friend Shaun for his birthday, it was a lot of fun. Sandy, whom

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Pre-Travel Impatience

I have to get this out. I’m sitting at home, I can’t sit still. I even got up from writing this like 5 times already. I haven’t updated you all on what has been going on with my travel plans lately. I had hoped after